The Netherlands


Releases on big labels, check! Played all over the world, check! Almost every festival in the Netherlands, check! Time for something new … For more than 10 years, Skitzofrenix flew all over the world for some of the biggest shows. With his diverse style, he had the opportunity to taste many different dance cultures and release his music on different platforms. But, his style of music changed so he locked himself into the studio and finally came with his new sound. And that sound is … House!

We already had a first taste with the well-received ‘Bounce’ and a remix of Malaa’s ‘Diamonds’, but this year there will be many more releases on big labels such as Tchami’s Confession, the legendary Nervous Records from New York and the big boys in the game Spinnin Records. In addition to that there will be collabs with Franky Rizardo, Malaa & Jeff Doubleu, and besides that some remixes of artists you might not expect.

With a ton of experience behind the turntables, Skitzofrenix manages to bridge the gap between different styles through its fresh and varied house sound.