Shaun Dean

United Kingdom

Music Tutor & Sessional worker “Shaun Dean” is a well established name within the Bassline, UK Bass / UKG Scene. Over the past 3 years Shaun has gone from strength to strength with his music productions & creative DJ skills. With his signature Bassline style Shaun incorporates catchy chord progressions, hard hitting 4×4 drums combined with quality vocals and hard hitting melodic Basslines. This original style has brought inspiration and a new life to the current Bassline scene being a flagship producer for the new school producers.

Shaun Dean has been involved with the music industry for over 10 years now and has gained a lot of knowledge and technical ability. Shaun is one of the best technical DJ’s around within the current Bassline scene, delivering a showcase that captures his audience. Not just your standard DJ set Shaun delivers live mashup routines, exclusive dub plates, and on top of that his power house productions & Refixes.