Jollygood MC

The Netherlands


Jollygood mc is young man who dedicated his life to music since his younger years. Born on the late 80’s Jeroen Broxterman was raised by a family that didn’t had any musical talent or anything near that. So there was a reason for him to be born his mom said to him. By the age of 12/13 Jollygood came in touch with the funky grooves off funk soul and hip hop while moving through life as a full-time bboy. There was no time for school and homework, all because he loved to see the world go up and down while twisting circles on the floor. Next to bboying Jollygood had other interests. That’s right.. mcing..

When he started listening to his first UK garage tracks on Major FM he completely fell in love with this rare type of music. He loved everything about it. From the Sweet female attitude vocals with guitars and strings to the dark and underground sounds off ruff bass drums and lines. But that wasn’t the biggest part that caught his interests. Jollygood got inspired by the mc’s topping the tunes with their sick and fast way off rhyming and spitting. So it was said Jollygood bought himself a notebook and a descent pen, and just started writing bars.

1 year later jollygood mc was performing at local clubs around Hoofddorp and Nieuw Vennep. He got in touch with the dj’s Erik Walker and Jimmy Carris (Jimmy Carris being one of his closest friends.) Jimmy Carris gave him the opportunity to perform on a set off him at the Gouden Geit. A place where all the talent around Hoofddorp would come down to test what they got in store. A couple off months later Erik walker caught jollygood doing his thing life and asked him to perform on his concept Play House.

As the time flew by Jolly got in contact with Joel from Clubjudge who gave him the chance to perform at the grand opening of dance centre. That’s where he got in contact with Gerben & Rico from BEATLOVERZ Events giving him a special place as their residence mc, and MC V.I. giving him the opportunity to perform at HYPNOTIQ where he got another residence place together with Jimmy Carris. From that point things were going crazy. Jollygood was booked for big Events like, Fast Forward Dance Parade, DIGITALSOUL, Sounds of the Bumble Bee’s, HD HOUSE, Funky Latino, Latin Village Outdoor and so on…

Still loving to perform, Still growing stronger I can assure you that you need to keep your eyes and ears open for Jolly Good MC… Because this is just the beginning of a promising dance music artist…