Vato Gonzalez – Ganja Riddim

Artist: Vato Gonzalez
Title: Ganja Riddim
Label: Dirty House
Release date: October 29 2012
While most artists are dying to get their tunes aired, Vato Gonzalez raised middle ones high and clearly made a club wreaking banger that will most definitely not be played by any radio station, any time soon;Ganja Riddim. As he states himself; “Half of the songs on the radio are about love and alcohol, 2 of the most destructive forces on the planet. Let’s break the taboo and make ganja something discussable. Let’s face it, half of the civilized world tried it at least once and I never saw a guy running over a toddler because he got the munchies. I can’t say the same about our beloved alcohol, which is being promoted in just about every club hit right now.” In no way does he promote the use of narcotics, he merely hopes to open a few eyes while he gets the punters going crazy on the insane basslines!


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