Most Wanted Tour Dates

The Spanish Costa Brava has always been a region where Vato Gonzalez & MC Tjen rocked show after show during their summer tour, but this season they are taking Dirty House to a whole other level with 12 editions of ‘The Dirty House Most Wanted Tour’.

Together with 010Bookings finest Dyna, they hold the visitor records of several clubs in the Mediterranean region, with a track record of performing way longer than the usual 2 hour sets they were booked for. So these locations are the perfect spot to go all out and ballistic in true Dirty House style!

09/07 Tropics, Lloret del Mar
12/07 Pacha, La Piñeda
16/07 Tropics, Lloret del Mar
18/07 Fata, Sant Pere Pescador
19/07 Pacha, La Piñeda
23/07 Tropics, Lloret del Mar
30/07 Tropics, Lloret del Mar

01/08 Fata, Sant Pere Pescador
06/08 Arena, Blanes
08/08 Pacha, La Piñeda
13/08 Arena, Blanes
20/08 Arena, Blanes