After a sold-out edition in December 2012, Vato Gonzalez returns to Brothers Festival Dome on September 28 for an extra-large edition of DIRTY HOUSE. Right before the start of his European Summer Tour – end of June – Vato Gonzalez launched the seventh edition of his infamous mixtape series. Twenty DIRTY HOUSE events throughout Europe followed the release of the new mixtape and on Saturday September 28, a big DIRTY HOUSE event follows to round up the European Summer Tour.

Vato Gonzalez about the upcoming event: “The previous edition was completely sold out, which only triggered me to make sure this upcoming edition would be bigger, better & bolder. On September 28, we celebrate the end of a great summer, but it’s actually also sort of a launch party for DIRTY HOUSE MIXTAPE 7, as we didn’t get the chance to do a proper event before the summer tour started. During the summer we’ve tried to keep the DIRTY HOUSE fans happy with a few exclusive bootlegs, which can be downloaded through my Soundcloud, but if you’re a real DIRTY HOUSE fan, make sure you don’t miss out on September 28.”

During the ‘DIRTY HOUSE XL’ event at Brothers Festival Dome on September 28, Vato Gonzalez will be supported in the main area – Studio A12 – by La Fuente, Skitzofrenix, Dyna, MC Tjen and MC Iceman. Vato Gonzalez: “I’ll do a 2.5 hours solo set this time! I don’t play too many extended sets, so an extra reason to make sure you don’t miss this one! I’ve invited Dyna and Skitzofrenix in this area, as both have dropped some hot releases on my DIRTY HOUSE label these past few months. Dyna’s ‘V.I.P.’ has been wrecking clubs this past summer, while Skitzofrenix has only established his name more with releases like ‘Campo Alegre’ and ‘Zombie Alligator’. La Fuente has also rocked several of our DIRTY HOUSE stages at festivals this past summer.” Performing in area two – The Clubb – are Nitty & Crane, better known as the DJ/MC show by popular Dutch rapper Kraantje Pappie, Artistic Raw, Kenneth G, Lady Bee, DJ Punish, Grabbelton, Bjorn V, and MC Steef. Vato Gonzalez: “The Clubb area will be rocking from the get go. I’ve seen Kraantje Pappie destroy plenty of festivals this summer with his energetic performance. I’ve played a short back-2-back set with Artistic Raw at CityMoves festival, where DIRTY HOUSE hosted its own stage. The Grabbelton collective will make sure the moshpits start early in this area and Kenneth G, Lady Bee, DJ Punish and Bjorn V are DIRTY HOUSE regulars.”

Tickets for ‘DIRTY HOUSE XL’ at Brothers Festival Dome are available exclusively through the venue’s webiste (www.brothers.nl) and on the night at the door. Make sure you get your tickets in time, as the previous edition was sold out. For more information go to www.dirtyhouse.nl, where you can also download DIRTY HOUSE MIXTAPE 7.


Venue: Brothers Festival Dome (www.brothers.nl)
Address: Schoudermantel 52, Bunnik
Talent: Vato Gonzalez, Nitty & Crane (DJ/MC show Kraantje Pappie), La Fuente, Artistic Raw, Skitzofrenix, Kenneth G, Dyna, Lady Bee, DJ Punish, Grabbelton, Bjorn V, MC Tjen, MC Iceman, MC Steef
Time: 22.00 – 04.00
Pre-sale: 15,00 EUR (via www.brothers.nl)
Doorsale: 20,00 EUR